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We are one of the SEO Company in Kanpur, India. With so many business benefits in search engine optimization, SEO/SEM seems to be the best and cost effective option for business marketing.
As a performance based Search Engine Optimization Company based in Kanpur,India, we have got professional SEO experts, who are committed to bring best results in search engines. Our services and cost effective and performance based.
  • Experience in handling small/mid/large size SEO
  • Stick white hat methodology for engines
  • Guaranteed results improvement
  • Dedicated manager for all SEO Client.
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Twitter Marketing @ SEOWebTechs Kanpur


A popular online social networking service, Twitter enables user to send short messages known as “tweets”. Sites on Twitter have their followers who can follow the tweets that the sites post. There are many companies that benefit from this by using their Twitter sites to update their followers with the latest news as well as propagating other important information via the short tweets.

Our professionals conduct thorough research of your business as well as your competitor’s to come up with informative and well-researched Twitter posts related to your business. This rigorous research is not only applied to post maximum tweets but we regularly keep an eye on the upcoming trends to create innovative tweets which would attract more followers and generate maximum re-tweets for your products.

Top Profile Creation Website List 2017-Seowebtechs.com

High page rank Profile Creation websites provides even more amazing benefits. Profile Creation sites considered as one of the most effective technique of receiving links Do-follow and no-follow links from high domain authority & page authority as well as high page rank. Profile Sharing Websites have improved the rate of engagement of users provide a better assortment and allows the targeted traffic to converse with the site in simple way. It is an off page method in SEO which we generate a profile in other websites like social media websites, blogs, image sharing websites.

Benefits of Profile Creation

  • Generate high quality back links for any website.
  • Profile linking helps you to receiving more traffic.
  • Increase Popularity of Domain Authority & Page Authority
  • Improve Brand Awareness

Here are following some profile creation website list..

  • vk.com/
  • foursquare.com/
  • twitter.com/
  • pagalguy.com/
  • discogs.com/
  • huntingnet/
  • themeforest.net/
  • culinate.com/
  • independent.academia.edu
  • carepages.com/
  • change.org/
  • homestyler.com/
  • mynctca.com/
  • minecraft.gamepedia.com/
  • forums.hostsearch.com/
  • bastilleseattle.com/
  • gsak.net/
  • widgipedia.com/
  • forum.jbonamassa.com/
  • dipity.com/
  • instructables.com/
  • smosh.com/
  • volvoxc.com/
  • brandyourself.com/
  • ideastap.com/
  • steepster.com/
  • soundcloud.com/
  • myspace.com/
  • wikidot.com/
  • 8tracks.com/
  • mozillians.org/
  • itsmyurls.com/
  • crunchbase.com/
  • carbonmade.com/
  • hi.im/
  • storify.com
  • perfectbusiness.com/
  • profiletree.com/
  • zizics.com/
  • app.g2link.com/
  • theloop.com.au/
  • completed.com/
  • lightstalking.com/
  • apsense.com/
  • vbprofiles.com/
  • soundcloud.com
  • dailystrength.org/
  • amazon.com/
  • yatedo.com/
  • yourart.com/
  • hotscripts.com/
  • theverge.com/
  • thinglink.com/
  • mixcloud.com/
  • minilogs.com/
  • interspire.com/
  • artmight.com/
  • flattr.com/
  • dribbble.com/
  • listography.com/
  • justluxe.com/
  • fancy.com/
  • steepster.com/
  • yourlisten.com/
  • artbreak.com/
  • artician.com

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Best SEO Services Company Kanpur, India

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)is a technique to make your website rank high and grow website traffic in Google, Bing, Yahoo result pages. We will easily provide SEO Service in Kanpur. Online IT industry is growing and SEO plays the most important role in any business. Do you think Search Engine Optimization is tough? Actually, It requires serious proficiency and deep knowledge. It can take months to explore with the right and perfect strategy and even then you don’t sure whether it works. it is even tougher than ever to find an SEO Services Company in Kanpur which can actually deliver to our Search Engine Optimization services in Kanpur, India.

Internet Marketing8

SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE Social Media Optimization (SMO) is very helpful in boosting the efforts made in Search Engine Optimization. At SEO Company Kanpur, we cover every single social network including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and  Instagram for improved results.

Seowebtechs.com offer customized plans and strategies to cater to your business needs and goals. Over the years, we have gained fame and recognition for out of the box plans, white hat strategies, and long-term vision pertaining to SEO.
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Best Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Services India with SEOWebTechs

Seowebtechs.com- SEO is a technique of optimizing a website to build it ranks better in search engines such as ‪#‎Google‬, ‪#‎Yahoo‬, ‪#‎Bing‬ and many more. People utilize search engine when they require something and exact SEO efforts can get people to your website and if they discover accurately what they desire this will lead to improved profitability for your business. Our SEO Company does not give clients with irrelevant or outdated strategies, we only deliver high-quality content, and on-page search engine optimization techniques that have output in millions of dollars’ worth of revenue for our customers.

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Benefits of Social Media Optimization by SEOWebTechs

Social Media Optimization is the top point in marketing. When you choose Social Media Optimization with growing opportunities in the business world, the fashion of getting socially linked to the world has gained attractiveness largely. Social Media Optimization and social media marketing is a technique of building a high-quality social representation on different online networking websites such as Face book, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and Many more social website platforms, websites and communities. Through this, business can increase visibility by promoting the products & services and is measured as one of the essential tools for marketing.

social media

At SEOWebTechs Company assist you to boost your website branding with keeping in mind customer’s happiness and drive highest traffic to your website within reasonable prices .Our Company works with online demographic based social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, online communities, blogs posting, video sharing, profile sharing, image sharing, forums, local listing etc.

Advantages of Social Media Optimization (SMO):

  • Get your Company, Services and Product in the concern so that as much as people are sure to notice them.
  • Help you to target audience, demographic communities to focus your company’s services or product.
  • Observe online communities’ people discussing your product and services.
  • Obtain reviews and right feedback so that you can improve your services and products.
  • Get you to be aware about the days where you will have to stack up your services for the huge upcoming demands of products.
  • Increase Visibility of your Website.
  • Online Reputation Management via Social Media Marketing

Social media optimization

Now day’s Social Media Optimization (SMO) or Social Media Marketing (SMM) or Social Networking is a very famous network for promoting your products and Services online and also best technique to lead our business in internet marketing, however you select to term it, is around for some time now. It has proved to be the one of the potential advertising channels to reach your niche target viewers quick and most effectively.

The Social Media Optimization Category Areas:

  • Face Book
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • You tube
  • Instagram
  • Blogging
  • Blog Commenting
  • Photos Sharing
  • Face Book Notes
  • Face Book Linking
  • Face Book Likes
  • Face Book Banner Ads
  • Flicker Photos Update
  • Flicker Photos Sharing
  • Twitter Commenting
  • Twitter Followers
  • You tube Video Sharing
  • Daily Motion Videos Update
  • Daily Motions Videos Update
  • Banners Ads

Social media platforms generate viral promotion and this in turn increases the visitor’s traffic towards website. Strategies built after widespread market research will enhance by linking to a selection of communities, groups & networks so as to attract the potential customers.

 social media

Social Network User Counts

  • Face book-49 Billion Active Monthly Users.
  • Google+- has grown to 540 Million Active Monthly Users
  • Twitter- has over 316 Million Active Monthly Users
  • LinkedIn- has over 187 Million Active Monthly Users
  • YouTube- 1 Billion Active Monthly Users
  • Instagram- 400 Million Active Monthly Users
  • Pinterest- 100 Million Active Monthly Users

 social media marketing

Other Interesting Social Network User

  • TUMBLR– 420 Million blogs
  • VIMEO– 170 Million
  • SLIDESHARE– 60 Million
  • FOURSQUARE– 55 Million users
  • FLICKR– 92 Million users
  • MYSPACE– 50 million
  • QUORA– 2.9 million
  • REDDIT– 169 million
  • SNAPCHAT– 100 million
  • STUMBLEUPON– 30 million
  • DIGG– 8 million
  • DISQUS– 150 million
  • ELLO– 1 million
  • MEERKAT– 2 million
  • PERISCOPE– 10 million
  • TSU– 3.5 million
  • WHATSAPP– 800 million

SEO Web Techs offers Social Media Optimization Services for engage audiences on your social business page such as Face book, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter and more Social websites and also our company offers SEO Services, Web Design, Website Development services  according to clients demands within at affordable budget.

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