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We are one of the SEO Company in Kanpur, India. With so many business benefits in search engine optimization, SEO/SEM seems to be the best and cost effective option for business marketing.
As a performance based Search Engine Optimization Company based in Kanpur,India, we have got professional SEO experts, who are committed to bring best results in search engines. Our services and cost effective and performance based.
  • Experience in handling small/mid/large size SEO
  • Stick white hat methodology for engines
  • Guaranteed results improvement
  • Dedicated manager for all SEO Client.
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Youtube Marketing @ SEOWebtechs Kanpur


YouTube is a very popular video sharing platform for web users as well as mobile users. where users can upload video ,view, rate and comment on videos.It has been gaining popularity as a learning platform as more and more educational institutions as well as corporate companies are making use of its services. This all translates to a wide arena for marketing your business via advertising or by just posting a video and allowing maximum shares and views to gain popularity.

SEOWebTechs design extensive YouTube marketing campaigns for a variety of businesses. Our YouTube marketing services allow you to promote your videos, existing or new, and match it your target audience. We design the YouTube marketing campaigns to provide you with a cost effective way of targeting your audience and increasing the traffic to your website.

Top Profile Creation Website List 2017-Seowebtechs.com

High page rank Profile Creation websites provides even more amazing benefits. Profile Creation sites considered as one of the most effective technique of receiving links Do-follow and no-follow links from high domain authority & page authority as well as high page rank. Profile Sharing Websites have improved the rate of engagement of users provide a better assortment and allows the targeted traffic to converse with the site in simple way. It is an off page method in SEO which we generate a profile in other websites like social media websites, blogs, image sharing websites.

Benefits of Profile Creation

  • Generate high quality back links for any website.
  • Profile linking helps you to receiving more traffic.
  • Increase Popularity of Domain Authority & Page Authority
  • Improve Brand Awareness

Here are following some profile creation website list..

  • vk.com/
  • foursquare.com/
  • twitter.com/
  • pagalguy.com/
  • discogs.com/
  • huntingnet/
  • themeforest.net/
  • culinate.com/
  • independent.academia.edu
  • carepages.com/
  • change.org/
  • homestyler.com/
  • mynctca.com/
  • minecraft.gamepedia.com/
  • forums.hostsearch.com/
  • bastilleseattle.com/
  • gsak.net/
  • widgipedia.com/
  • forum.jbonamassa.com/
  • dipity.com/
  • instructables.com/
  • smosh.com/
  • volvoxc.com/
  • brandyourself.com/
  • ideastap.com/
  • steepster.com/
  • soundcloud.com/
  • myspace.com/
  • wikidot.com/
  • 8tracks.com/
  • mozillians.org/
  • itsmyurls.com/
  • crunchbase.com/
  • carbonmade.com/
  • hi.im/
  • storify.com
  • perfectbusiness.com/
  • profiletree.com/
  • zizics.com/
  • app.g2link.com/
  • theloop.com.au/
  • completed.com/
  • lightstalking.com/
  • apsense.com/
  • vbprofiles.com/
  • soundcloud.com
  • dailystrength.org/
  • amazon.com/
  • yatedo.com/
  • yourart.com/
  • hotscripts.com/
  • theverge.com/
  • thinglink.com/
  • mixcloud.com/
  • minilogs.com/
  • interspire.com/
  • artmight.com/
  • flattr.com/
  • dribbble.com/
  • listography.com/
  • justluxe.com/
  • fancy.com/
  • steepster.com/
  • yourlisten.com/
  • artbreak.com/
  • artician.com

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Best SEO Services Company Kanpur, India

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)is a technique to make your website rank high and grow website traffic in Google, Bing, Yahoo result pages. We will easily provide SEO Service in Kanpur. Online IT industry is growing and SEO plays the most important role in any business. Do you think Search Engine Optimization is tough? Actually, It requires serious proficiency and deep knowledge. It can take months to explore with the right and perfect strategy and even then you don’t sure whether it works. it is even tougher than ever to find an SEO Services Company in Kanpur which can actually deliver to our Search Engine Optimization services in Kanpur, India.

Internet Marketing8

SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE Social Media Optimization (SMO) is very helpful in boosting the efforts made in Search Engine Optimization. At SEO Company Kanpur, we cover every single social network including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and  Instagram for improved results.

Seowebtechs.com offer customized plans and strategies to cater to your business needs and goals. Over the years, we have gained fame and recognition for out of the box plans, white hat strategies, and long-term vision pertaining to SEO.
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40 High Page Rank Document Submission List with SEOWebTechs India

Document Sharing promotes your content as Word, PDF & PPT Format. You can create PDF brochure for your website and PPT Presentation of your product or services.

PDF Submission increases visibility of your website through advertising and get back links & better ranking. PDF websites are similar to Web 2.0 websites in terms of SEO.

Pdf sharing

SEOWebTechs Company share high page rank list where you can submit your PDF, PPT or Word file…















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Best Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Services India with SEOWebTechs

Seowebtechs.com- SEO is a technique of optimizing a website to build it ranks better in search engines such as ‪#‎Google‬, ‪#‎Yahoo‬, ‪#‎Bing‬ and many more. People utilize search engine when they require something and exact SEO efforts can get people to your website and if they discover accurately what they desire this will lead to improved profitability for your business. Our SEO Company does not give clients with irrelevant or outdated strategies, we only deliver high-quality content, and on-page search engine optimization techniques that have output in millions of dollars’ worth of revenue for our customers.

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Social Media Optimization Helps in Marketing a Business with SEOWebTechs

Many businesses are not comfortable using social media services as they cannot manage the outcome of any action. But if you will be use it strategically where social media such as Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Instagram, Google plus and many other social websites which is a big channel for corporate branding, reputation management and most highly for developing product evangelism. socialmap7111 copy

Many ways of Social Media where assist  for Business

  1. Marketing your business using social media
  2. Spreading your message using social mediasocial networking websites are offering the facility of virtual zone and expressing your message or thoughts is truly very easy, and sharing was never so easy before and also other feature makes your business increase more rapidly across your target audient, and directly nailing your point, is video sharing.
  3. Know your customer using social mediaOne useful way to aid in support and assist to your client service is through Twitter. You could get answers and queries through Twitter, do not ever estimate even the little things you do on social media platforms.
  4. Social media is for all kinds of business your online business achievement depends on how proficiently your online company takes benefit of the platform. It is just like any other type of social media marketing strategy. You have to follow a list of set goals and objectives and work on it, so that your company attains the much required success rate. And yes you require to follow the right strategies to obtain the best advantage of these social networking websites.

Types of Social Media

  1. Social Networking websites
  2. Publishing Websites
  3. Micro Blogging Websites
  4. Rating Websites
  5. Wikis
  6. Video sharing sites
  7. Photo sharing sites


Behind the tall dark shadow of Facebook there were other websites as well. They are Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn etc. Today almost 25% of the world’s inhabitants use social media websites. Since Facebook turned ten years old the youngsters have started becoming tired and have determined to move to greener pastures in the form of Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

smo1 copy

Facebook: Starting at the top Facebook was one of the very first social networking sites after Myspace. What started out a as fun website to rate people on excellent looks (Facemash) meant only for Harvard students turned into the biggest social networking site and biggest website of all time.

Twitter– Twitter turned out to be the best micro blogging website of all time. It now houses 284 million active users which involve individuals like you and me, celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Google+: Google+ was brought up the popular company Google in turn to battle Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites. This is the world’s largest social networking website hosting 540 million users every month.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social networking website which lets users connect with people in terms of work. It is the bridge of communication between freshers and companies willing to give out jobs.

Tumblr: Tumblr was prepared by Yahoo.inc in order to share the growing reputation of Twitter, the micro blogging website. It was founded by David Karp. The website allows users to post and share blogs, media, etc. and Viewers are also allowed to follow fellow Tumblrs Which has 216.9 million blogs on it as of 1st January 2015.

Pinterest– Users are allowed to upload and share pins uploaded by others. The pins normally include topics of interest such as holidays, parties, themes, etc. Pinterest is viewed by 250000000 viewers each month and is rapidly growing with each passing day.

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Seowebtechs company helps to obtain the advantage you have to work efficiently so that your business experiences a improve. So use social media and observe your business reaching the height faster. Compete with your competitors and win the race. Social Media optimization can take several different forms such as Internet forums, video, podcasts, wikis and pictures. Some of the most common actions that get position on social media websites are image-sharing, email, music-sharing, wall-postings, instant messaging, blogs,  crowd-sourcing and voice over IP.  Seowebtechs.com is also famous company for SEO Services, SMO and Web Development services within reasonable price


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